The Anatomy of the Music Industry features insight from Dr. Logan Westbrooks and over 30 music industry experts who have worked at CBS,  Capitol     Records, Billboard, Fox Music, A&M, Mercury, Arista, Electra, Atlantic, Pandora and more.   Topics include music marketing, public relations, legal, digital, publishing, administration, promotions and music education.   

The Anatomy of the Music Industry is great for Artists, Educators & Music Fans alike.  The book has already received high praise and is sure to be a best seller!

"I'm glad to see that Logan Westbrooks has expanded on his groundbreaking book on the music industry. Logan is a well respected veteran of the music business and knows of what he writes.  I highly recommend it."

Attorney Larkin Arnold
Former Senior Vice-President


 “The historical past provides the framework for innovation that has and continues to redefine the business of music.  The Anatomy of the Music Industry traces this history, beginning in the 1960s, through the voices of those who contributed to it, including African American pioneers.” 

Portia K. Maultsby, Ph.D., Laura Boulton Professor Emerita of Ethnomusicology, Indiana University-Bloomington


"Music, like everything, constantly evolves. But we must know where we come from to know where we are heading. This book can help illuminate the possibilities"

Tony White, Director, Music and Entertainment Education, Los Angeles Unified School District-Beyond the Bell Branch


"Logan Westbrooks is a trail blazing music industry executive. He has a vast wealth of knowledge and insights acquired from decades of experience and rigorous study. His book is required reading for those seeking insight into the ‘anatomy,’ or constituent structures that make up the complex institution known as The Music Industry. The Anatomy of the Music Industry provides a much-needed view from the bridge to help navigate an industry shaped by changing technologies and global networks of distribution and consumption".

Dr. Scot Brown, Historian
UCLA Departments of African American Studies and History